Introducing the GH-60 Handheld Signal Generator - the ultimate solution for portable, high-performance signal generation. This comprehensive upgrade to our handheld signal generator line combines the perfect balance of power, portability, and control. The compact design of the GH-60 is engineered for easy single-handed operation while still delivering exceptional RF performance and a wide range of signal generation functions. Frequency range: 10MHz - 6GHz Modulation bandwidth: 20MHz(can upgrade to 100MHz) Support communication standard signal type: GSM | WCDMA | TDD-LTE | FDD-LTE NB-IoT | LoRa | 5GNR Support digital modulation type: BPSK | QPSK | OQPSK 8PSK | 16QAM | 32QAM 64QAM | 128QAM | 256QAM MSK | FSK Support pulse modulation. Analog modulation: AM, FM,PM

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