Signal/Spectrum Analyzers

The signal/spectrum analyzer is the most commonly used as well as the most versatile measurement instruments when coming to the accomplishment of every level parameter test for electro magnetic signal. Each model of the test, measurement and monitor receiver has its own unique applicable characteristics to meet the demands of field application . CETI has a variety of signal/spectrum analyzer and receiver products whose frequency range covers from 3Hz to 325GHz . We have a variety of products which include signal/spectrum analyzer, electromagnetic signal monitor analyzer,monitor receiver,broadband receiver,field strength tester and millimeter-wave frequency multiplication module etc. The structural style of our products involves table model, portable,handheld and PXI module to provide users with high performance to price ratio signal receive and analyze solutions .

4051A/B/C/D /E/F/G/H/L

4051 series signal/spectrum analyzer have excellent performance in dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and measurement speed. 4051 series have various measurement functions including high-sensitivity spectrum Analyzer, standard power measurement components, IQ Analyzer, Vector Signal Analyzer, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, Transient Analyzer, Pulse Signal Analyzer, Audio Analyzer, Analog Demodulation measurement, and Phase Noise measurement, Noise Figure, etc., which can provide you reliable high-performance measurement service



4051-S Series Signal/Spectrum Analyzers support incomparable spectrum measurement services with high price-performance ratio. The analyzers have excellent dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude precision and measurement speed and can supply ten measurement functions in total including high-performance spectrum analysis, standard power measurement modules conforming to relevant criteria etc. Capabilities of the analyzers can be greatly augmented


4024A/B/C/ D/E/F/G

4024D/E/F/G Spectrum Analyzer possesses many advantages: a wide frequency range, high performance, high sweep speed, various functions, and easy operation. In terms of performance specifications, it has advantages of excellent displayed erage noise level, low phase noise, and high sweep speed; In terms of measurement functions, it enjoy rich measurement functions of spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, AM/FM/PM analyzer, power meter, channel scanner etc., as well as intelligent measurement functions of channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent-channel power ratio, tune & listen, emission mask, and carrier-to-noise ratio etc..


4041D/E/F/G Spectrum Analyzer

The 4041 spectrum analyzer is adopted with the compact portable box structure, which has advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption and convenient carrying. The broadband millimeter-wave receiver miniaturization integrated design technology, whole phase locking technology based on the broadband VCO, full digital intermediate frequency design technology, and microwave composite multilayer circuit board design technology are adopted for this product, thus realizing high performance indicators and ensuring the economical efficiency of the product. The 4041 spectrum analyzer series currently consists of four types of products. The frequency measurement range covers 9kHz~20GHz, 9kHz~26.5GHz, 9kHz~32GHz and 9kHz~44GHz respectively. The full spectrum of the product is equipped with a preamplifier, so that it has very high receiving sensitivity at any frequency point. In addition, with the 12.1-inch high brightness LCD and integrated design of capacitive touch screen, large button and virtual button combination design, its operation convenience is improved.


82407/A/B/C/D Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Extension Module

82407 Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Extension Module series are designed mainly for millimeter-wave frequency extension of spectrum analysis. The series can be used as the front-end of millimeter-wave signal receiver. 82407 series adopt standard waveguide interface which corresponding to its frequency range as its input interface. LO input adopts 2.4mmfemale coaxial connector and IF output adopts 3.5mm female coaxial connector.


Signal Generators

The China Electronics Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd has been concentrating on the research of advanced test signal generation and signal modulation technology as well as relevant products development. We can provide you with top level test signal solutions in this field at the frequency range of 9KHz~325GHz . Our products cover analog signal generator, vector signal generator, frequency agile signal generator and complex signal analog stimulation field. The products have several types, including synthesized signal generator, synthesized sweep signal generator, vector signal generator, frequency agile signal generator, signal simulator, multiplier module etc.

1465A/B/C/D/F/H/L-V Signal Generator

1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation performance within the frequency range of 100kHz-67GHz. It has 200MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2GHz external modulation real-time bandwidth, which can meet various modulation needs of wideband signals. The generator has excellent spectrum purity and output power specifications. The phase noise of 10GHz carrier @10kHz frequency offset can be reached to -126dBc/Hz, to meet high-level test needs which have strict requirements of testing signals. The generator also has excellent vector modulation accuracy and at the full frequency range the EVM is less than 1.4%(4Msps), which makes the generator be used in metrology purpose. The baseband signal generator can be set easily with flexible performance and many modulation formats. More than 20 kinds of common modulation formats are supported, such as PSK, QAM, FSK, ASK and so on.


1465A/B/C/D/F/H/L Signal Generators

465 series signal generators, with the frequency range of 100kHz ~ 67GHz, are provided with high purity spectrum and high output power. The single side band phase noise at 10GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset is -126dBc/Hz. The maximum output power reaches up to 1W at 20GHz carrier, and the dynamic range of output power gets 150dB. All these specifications can meet the high-end requirements of electromagnetic signal tests. In addition, 1465 signal generators own the functions of high-precision analog sweep and high-performance analog and pulse modulation, with maximum bandwidth of internally modulated signal generator up to 10MHz, various signal waveforms, the minimum pulse width of 20ns and flexible pulse trains, which can meet the test requirements of analog and pulse modulations. A 10.1-in. display screen of 1280×800 resolution as well as a number of independent operation styles, such as buttons, mouse and touch screens are equipped so as to improve user experience and test efficiency.


82401/82406 Series Millimeter-Wave Source Module

The 82401/82406 series millimeter-wave source modules are advanced in terms of output power and application convenience. This series source module can work together with a microwave signal generator to build up a millimeter-wave signal generation system. The output frequency and power are controlled by the synthesized signal source. A special power adapter provides the DC drive for the modules.


1441A/B Signal Generator

With frequency range low to 9 kHz, 1441 Series Signal Generator are economical signal generators designed with portable case structure and featured by small size and convenient operation. 1441 series have power output in wide dynamic range, and standard internal modulation signal generator, are capable of amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM) and pulse modulation (Pulse). List sweep and Step sweep make test application more flexible. They deploy Chinese and English operation interface, and large LED TFT LCD.


Network Analyzers

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation is the development institute which has the highest level of technology for network analyzer,the most complete variety of products as well as the biggest scale of production and sales.We now have both scalar and vector network analyzers which contain a variety of products such as integrative and handheld types.The coaxial measurement frequency of our products is up to 67GHz and the waveguide measurement frequency is up to 500 GHz . We can provide customers with a full range and high-performance calibration parts and detectors which are suitable to network analyzers . China Electronics Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd is the only one who can provide users with unitized network analyzers in China

3672A/B/C/D/E Vector Network Analyzer

3672 Series Vector Network Analyzers include 3672A (10MHz~13.5GHz), 3672B (10MHz~26.5GHz), 3672C (10MHz~40GHz), 3672D (10MHz~50GHz) and 3672E (10MHz~67GHz). 3672 analyzers provide multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full dual-port, electronic calibration etc., offer various display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates, etc. They are designed with several standard interfaces: USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA etc. Besides all measurement functions same as traditional vector network analyzer, through configuration of functional options, 3672 analyzers are also capable of multifunctional & comprehensive parameter test of mixer/converter, gain compression two-dimensional sweep and pulse S-parameters, as well as accuracy measurement of amplitude-frequency characteristics, phase-frequency characteristics and group delay used in the field of transmitting/receiving (T/R) module measurement, dielectric material properties measurement, microwave pulse characteristics measurement and optoelectronic properties measurement, which are indispensable instruments for scientific research and manufacturing process of radar, communication, and navigation systems.


3680A/B Cable& Antenna Analyzer

Adopting advanced techniques such as hybrid integration design of RF circuit and digital circuit, wideband fundamental-wave mixing, digital IF processing, intelligent power management, 3680A/B Cable & Antenna Analyzer has advantages of high-speed, high-accuracy, compact, lightweight, battery-powered, touch screen operation, automatic adjustment of backlight brightness. Besides testing VSWR, return loss, characteristic impedance, and phase, it can precisely locate the fault points as well. 3680A/B Cable & Antenna Analyzer is developed for on-site test, which is mainly used for the test of cable & antenna system in various communication base stations, including trunking, GSM, PCS/DCS, CDMA, GPRS, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, LTE and paging system. During the installation, calibration and routine maintenance of cable & antenna system, the cable& antenna analyzer can help users to quickly estimate the status of the transmission line and antenna system, improve the maintenance efficiency of the running base stations and speed up the installation and calibration of new base stations. Besides, it can also be used for the reflection parameter test of RF devices and components in scientific research, teaching and manufacturing.


3656A/B/D Vector Network Analyzer

3656A/B/D vector network analyzer is applicable to fields of radio communications, cable TV, teaching and automotive electronics etc. It can be used for performance measurement of RF components such as filter, amplifier, antenna, cable, and cable television sub connectors etc. It adopts Windows operating system, and has functions of error calibration, time domain and fixture simulator; It supports multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates etc.; It provides multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full dual-port, rapid SOLT calibration and electrical calibration; It is capable of multi-channel and multi-window display; It is designed with USB interface, LAN interface, GPIB interface and VGA interface. It can rapidly and accurately measure the amplitude, phase and group delay characteristics of the DUT S-parameter, with efficient and powerful error correction capability.


3672A/B/C -S Vector Network Analyzer

3672-S series reduce cost and enhance price-performance ratio but still maintain the same critical technical specifications with 3672 series , such as sweep speed, dynamic range etc. 3672*-S series offer multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response, full dual-port and E-cal. Multiple display types are embedded like logarithm amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart, polar coordinates. Many standard interfaces are available including USB, LAN, GPIB, VGA etc. They can precisely measure characteristics of amplitude-frequency, phase-frequency, and group delay and so on.


2040X Series Electronic Calibration Modules

2040X Series Electronic Calibration Modules include 5 models of 20402/20403/ 20404/20405/20409, covering the frequency ranges of 300kHz~18GHz/10MHz~26.5GHz/10MHz~50GHz/10MHz~20GHz/10MHz~67GHz. The interface forms include type N 2-port/3.5mm 2-port/2.4mm 2-port/3.5mm 4-port/1.85mm 2-port. The electronic calibration modules can use USB interface for communication and power supply, and are applicable to the calibration and error correction of 3672 series and3656 series vector network analyzers. They are also compatible with the ENA and PNA series vector network analyzer of Keysight.


3644A/45A/43Q /49/49A/49B Millimeter-Wave VNA Extender

644A/45A/43Q/49/49A/49B Millimeter-We VNA Extender has reached the international level in measurement speed, dynamic range and measurement stability. For hardware, it adopts new design concept and technical solution, which significantly enhance the key performance indexes of the instrument. As for the software, the frequency extending system is based on Windows OS, which greatly improves the interconnectivity and practicability of the instrument. 3644A/45A/43Q/49/49A/49B Millimeter-WavVNA Extender, AV40A millimeter-wavfrequency extending controller and vector network analyzer together constitute the millimeter-wavvector network analyzing system, which can realize flexible configuration of 5mm, 3mm, 2mm, 1mm frequency range and higher, the highest reaches 500GHz. With advantages of concise system configuration, user-friendly interface, high test precision etc., it can realize the full S-parameters measurement of the millimeter-wavnetwork under test. The system is widely used for the R&D, manufacture and test in the fields of millimeter wavcomponents, MMIC, antenna, RCS and materials.


Microwave Power Meters

87230/87231/ 87232/8723 USB CW Microwave Power Sensor

87230/87231/87232/87233 USB Power Sensor is a diode–based power senor carrying USB 2.0 full/high speed self-adaptive interface, deploys high-performance digital processing chips and various calibration & compensation techniques to achieve a wide frequency range and large power measurement and dynamic range, can be connected to computers and other electronic measurement instruments to establish power test systems. Especially, it is available for field test, production line test and other low-cost power tests.


2438CA/CB/PA/PB Microwave Power Meter

2438 series microwave power meter consists of microwave power meter host and a series of microwave power sensors. With the new design of broadband diode detector, digital signal processing technology and multidimensional calibration compensation technology are adopted, the instrument own wide frequency band, wide dynamic range, high accuracy, fast measurement and analysis, sensor serialization and so on. It is mainly used for measuring and calibrating the average power, peak power and pulse envelope power of microwave signals. It is an important measurement instrument for R&D, production, acceptance and maintenance in radar, electronic countermeasures, communications and other fields.


RF&Microwave Comprehensive Testers

4958 Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer

4958 Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer integrates multiple functions, such as tests of cable and antenna SWR, distance to fault(DTF), insertion loss and gain, spectrum analysis and power measurement, etc.. It is flexible and convenient to carry with the frequency range from 1MHz to 20GHz. Battery is available for power supply, which makes it suitable for field tests. Used widely in several fields including field installation, performance test, daily maintenance and emergency maintenance test of electronic equipment in terms of radar, communication and ECM. The analyzer can help upgrade filed repair and support of users.


Digital Oscilloscopes

4456 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

4456 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope integrates functionalities of a digital oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, a function generator, a protocol analyzer and a digital voltmeter and has many functions including waveform autoset, automatic measurement of waveform parameter, cursor measurement, histograms measurement, arithmetic operation, FFT analysis, serial protocol trigger and analysis, limit and mask test, power measurement and analysis, waveform record and replay, mixed signal analysis, arbitrarily function generator and so on.